Learn to Play Piano The Basics

Should you learn to Read Music

Lady sitting playing the pianoWhilst it is not essential to learn to read music it is recommended if you want to take playing the piano seriously. Most beginners music books don’t require you to be able to read music but as you start to want to learn more advanced song you will need to at least know the basics. My advice is to learn as you go along and make it part of your training.

Get to Know The Keys

Keyboards can come with a different amount of keys but no mater the number of keys you have black keys and white keys each playing a different note and sound. It is a good idea to initially purchase stickers to go on the keys to identify what key is what. Some beginner books include these stickers which is good.

Should You Self Teach or Follow An Online Course

Books can be really good for learning the basics but I personally find it easier for people to follow the an online course as it tends to be mores structured. Over at mompox they have a much more indeph article on learning to play the piano.  Also it helps to hear the piece of music you are trying to learn to play. The other option is to get private tuition which is the best way to learn but the cost can really start to add up. Most our long lessons will set you back at least $30 and at the higher end will cost $50-$100.

Easy Piano Songs to learn

You should start by learning songs that use very few  keys strokes that is relatively repetitive. This will make it easier to learn over the short term.

Below are some easy song to try:

When you wish apon a star

Happy Birthday

Down in the valley

These song should be enough to get you started.


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