Spinning The Perfect Way to Keep Fit

Young man on bicycle With the help of my who first introduced me to spinning I found a way to relieve the stress of a long day by getting involved in spinning classes.  I can still remember my first class, I was so unfit I’m surprised that I could even get through the class. Slowly but sure my fitness improved with the more classes I got under my belt and started to feel less stressed and more energised.

Choosing a Good Spin Class

It is important that you pick a good spin class that has a good instructor. A good instruct should be able to push you without making you feel like you have been run over by a truck the next morning. Make sure you pick a class where they have the top of the range spinning cycles. Some of the gym I have been to the bikes are 10 years old and have seen better days. Whilst even the new bikes are not the most comfortable to sit on because they have racing seats and very little padding, but at least the peddles and resistance changer is smooth. Once you find a good instructor don’t be afraid to follow them around as they tend to work at multiple gyms. I currently do 3 gym classes a week at 3 different gyms because the instructor is so good. Most gyms now days will allow you to just to pay for the class.

Do I Need to Be Super Fit to Do Spinning

The short answers no. The great thing about spinning is you can go at your own pace and resistance level. Some gyms even have a beginner’s class but even if they don’t just turn up and jump on a bike and give it a go. Just remember to work at your own level.

Incase you have not seen a pin class here is a little taster:

Should I Buy a Spinning Bike for Home?

If you have experience of doing spinning classes and you enjoy it then getting a spin bike for home use is a great idea but if you have never used a spin bike before I would say buy a standard exercise bike. There is a learning curve when you first to start ridding a spin bike. They have a heavy wheel at the front they call a fly wheel. Unlike a normal exercise bike the fly wheel continues to spin as you peddle and when you come to stop you need to press the brake or else you won’t be able to stop your legs from spinning.

At the end of the day keeping fit is just about doing what you enjoy, for me that is spinning. If you find enjoyment in another form of exercise or class do that.

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